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Uneekor Swing Optix

Uneekor Swing Optix

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With Swing Optix®, experience a comprehensive view of your golf swing. Our dual high-speed cameras work in harmony to give you a complete, actionable perspective – from the crucial initial stance to the final follow-through. Perfect your form, refine your technique, and watch as your game transforms.


Swing Optix brings 2 of Uneekor’s high speed cameras to your golf simulator setup adding both ‘face-on’ and ‘down-the-line’ camera views.


  • Easily compare 2 of your swings side by side to see changes and improvements


  • With 180 frames per second you can breakdown your swing frame by frame and observe all the various positions of your golf swing: address, backswing, downswing, follow-through, etc


  • Built in tools allow you to add lines and other shapes on View to easily compare your swing positions and identify where you can improve


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