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Uneekor Performace Optix

Uneekor Performace Optix

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Uneekor's first biomechanical golf training system combines Swing Optix™ hi-resolution cameras with the NEW Balance Optix™, to create your own elite training solution. When paired with your launch monitor ball / club tracking data, you’ll understand your performance like never before.

Performance Optix bundles two Uneekor technologies to provide a real-time visual representation of your swing, like never before.

Swing Optix™

  • Two Swing Optix cameras display face-on and down-the-line views in crystal clear video                                     
  • Capture what matters at 180 frames per second to analyze every single detail of your swing.
  • Included with our Swing Optix Cameras is our patented Swing-Motion software that integrates with our View software.
  • Annotate your videos with lines and other shapes to compare your swing positions.
  • Compatible with all Uneekor launch monitors.

Balance Optix™

  • Balance Optix Technology uses over 1100 sensors to measure weight distribution and how weight shifts laterally and vertically throughout your swing. Balance is an essential aspect of the golf swing, playing a crucial role in helping maintain control, generate power, and achieve consistent results.

View Software Compatible

  • Integrated into our popular View Software, your Balance Optix data will be synced perfectly with Swing Optix video sequences and launch monitor club / ball data.
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