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Pro Enclosure

Pro Enclosure

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The Pro Golf Enclosures allow for large bays (20' wide or 20' deep). They're perfect for commercial golf simulators, golf lessons, and luxury homes.

Standard features include: a black knit fabric enclosure, connector fittings that fit 2" EMT pipes (pipes sold separately), and a premium golf impact screen. Whether you choose all the bells and whistles or just the basics this product will bring your indoor golf simulator to life!


Optional Add-Ons

Pipe Framing Kit

Our Pipe Framing Kit is optional, but the pipes to build your frame are not. Skip the trip to the hardware store, this Pipe Framing Kit includes pre-cut and marked 2-inch EMT pipe in the exact lengths required for the Pro Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit - no pipe cutting or hauling required!

Foam Inserts

Surround your screen with soft memory foam to protect shots from striking the enclosure frame.

Safety Baffles

Baffles hang down from the ceiling to help catch and knock down high-angle shots that might bounce off the golf simulator screen. A fantastic option to protect golfers particularly in commercial golf simulators.
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