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Eye Mini Lite

Eye Mini Lite

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EYE MINI LITE by Uneekor brings you all the outstanding qualities you've come to expect, blending state-of-the-art technology with unmatched simplicity. With EYE MINI LITE, setup is as easy as connecting to a PC, and you're ready to enjoy a comprehensive practice and full golf simulation experience right out of the box.


Ball Speed Pace at which the ball is traveling when it leaves the club face after impact.
Back/Side Spin Rotations of the ball either left, right, or backwards.
Side Angle Degree angle, left or right, of the ball when leaving the club face left or right.
Launch Angle Vertical angle of ball after leaving club face.
Carry Distance Total distance ball traveled in the air.
Side Total Distance of ball, left or right relative to starting point of shot.
Distance to Apex Distance the ball travels in the air before hitting the peak height of the ball’s trajectory.
Apex The peak height of the ball’s trajectory.
Flight Time The total amount of time that the golf ball spends in the air prior to landing on the ground.
Ball Flight Type Description of the balls initial start direction and overall shot shape.
Spin Axis The spin axis is the direction that the ball is tilted relative to its vertical axis. A ball with a positive spin axis will fade or slice, and a ball with a negative spin axis will draw or hook.
Angle of Descent The angle the golf ball comes down after hitting the apex.
Run Distance the ball travels after making contact with the ground.
Total Distance Total distance the golf ball travels including the carry and roll.

Club Speed The speed of the club at impact.
Attack Angle The up and down movement of the club head at the time of impact measured relative to the horizon.
Smash Factor The amount of energy transferred from the club head to the golf ball.
Club Path The in to out, or out to in movement of the club head’s geometric center at the center at the time of impact. Club Path is the direction (right or left) the club head is moving at impact and is measured relative to the target line.


EYE MINI LITE Launch Monitor


Uneekor Launcher, VIEW Software for PC


Power Cable and Adapter


CAT6 Ethernet Cable

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EYE MINI Club Stickers

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