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Built In Screen Kit

Built In Screen Kit

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All Pricing is custom, please contact us for a accurate quote. Prices shown are what each design starts at 


  • The Built-In Golf Room Kit takes your golf simulator experience to a new level by providing a fully immersive and permanent setup in the dedicated space of your choosing.


  • Golf Simulator Panels offer a unique twist by darkening and softening your walls and ceiling, effectively serving as your enclosure. These panels easily attach using French cleats and Z clips, to shield your walls and/or ceiling from stray shots. The panels are made with an inner core and foam padding, encased by fabric on the back of the board and the front of the foam. They are not only custom-sized to fit your specific space, but heavy-duty so that you can swing with confidence and not worry about anyone putting a hole in your wall.


  • Pairing It With Golf Room Curtains is a great option for temporarily covering doors or windows and is a great alternative to deep enclosure walls. Simply pull the curtain out when you want to play, and drag it back when you need access. In commercial spaces, curtains effectively separate bays and create private spaces that allow players to focus on their swings and revel in the immersive golfing experience. The fabric blocks out ambient light for the most immersive indoor golf experience. And bonus, it looks great from the front and back for a sleek, professional look no matter where you install it.
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